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    Below is a list of actions to back-up and document your collection:

    ▪ Prepare an inventory of your precious items. Take photographs of special items. Cloud storage for metadata and images can be explored through your preferred software.
    ▪ Make a list of your high priority items – those items you would single out for protection so your ready to act in an emergency.
    ▪ Get up to date valuations of valuable items.
    ▪ Review your insurance cover, and discuss specifics 
of bushfire cover with your insurance company.
    • Copy important files, make duplicates of printed works and separate your photographs and negatives, store backups and negatives off-site.
    • Store a copy of your records in at least two off-site locations (online and hard drive at work?)
    In summary, keep your documentation backed-up and up-to-date.

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