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    To protect your collection from light-induced damage, it is helpful to have the following three aims in mind when planning your lighting.

    • Only expose objects to light when necessary.
    • Make sure the light is not too bright.
    • Eliminate UV radiation and protect from IR radiation.

    There are many different strategies possible. Some of these may involve reassessing collection and management policies and taking a new approach to the display of collections. Remember, you need to consider the total amount of light an object receives, that is, both the level of light and the duration of exposure.

    As a general rule, it is better not to have light-sensitive items on permanent display. You can reduce light damage by reducing the length of time an item is on display. Rotating these materials from display to dark storage where possible will reduce their total light-exposure and therefore increase their life span.

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    It is not always possible to prevent damage to objects, but you can limit and slow down damage by
    avoiding the display, use and storage of items in direct sunlight or fluorescent or halogen lights.

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