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    Wherever possible eliminate daylight completely by:

    •Using UV absorbing plastic films.
    •Using low UV emitting fluorescent tubes
    •Closing curtains to daylight.
    •Covering items when not on display.

    When using incandescent lights remember they emit a lot of heat. Try and reduce the heat build up by:

    • Positioning the light at a distance away from the art object.

    Lights should only be on when necessary:

    •Turn the lights off if no-one is viewing the display.
    •Install timer switches or movement activated lights.
    •Covers or curtains can be placed over or in front of the display.
    •Separate areas for separate activities.

    If your collection includes items that are likely to be damaged by light:

    •Try to group these together in the display.
    •Do not keep all items on permanent display.
    •Rotate items in the exhibitions so that their annual exposure to light is kept low.

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