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    How can I improve humidity levels in the tropics?

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    In warm humid conditions, such as in tropical areas:
    • Air flow and good ventilation are important if you want to minimise damage to collections.
    • Use fans, with doors open to improve air movement.
    • Consider low technology ways of cooling the inside of the building eg. installing interior blinds on windows to limit the amount of the heat coming into the building, install exterior shutters/awnings, or put up shade cloth.
    • You can plant trees to shade the building – but not too close as this gives insects easy access to the building.

    If you are constructing a new building or modifying an existing building in the tropics, remember that non-air-conditioned buildings should have breezeways if possible.

    During wet season keep wet people at the front door. This will prevent the introduction of excess moisture.

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    Would you ever use a dehumidifier?

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